An innovation for indian cooking, that not only saves Energy
but also Cooks better, save Efforts and keeps the kitchen Cooler!

  • warming your LIFE
    cooling our planet!
  • Save Time and Money
    Smokeless Burning
  • A joint innovation initiative..
  • EcoCooker
  • Cooks 150 Idlies in
    20 Minutes
  • Cost of cooking Rs. 3/kg
    of dry rice
    & Rs. 0.08/per idly
  • Payback On investment
    in 6 Months
  • EcoCooker can save
    upto Rs. 150
    per cooking cycle
    of Rice


Energy resources, that were once deemed vast, are rapidly depleting today. Drawing a petroleum-based resource like LPG now demands a painstaking search in the pockets of Earth. As much as this is hurting the planet, it is also hurting your wallet. As a resource gets scarcer, it gets costlier. EcoSense aims at inventions addressing this problem through making most of the precious energy we generate, resultantly using less of our precious resources to save them until the day we find better options; and yes, also at making energy go a little easier on your wallet.

Welcome to this space to find out all about how EcoCooker saves up to 70% cost and through smart fuel consumption.

EcoCooker Features

Normal Pressure

Soft and fluffy food cooked under normal pressure

Zero Burning

No burning means less attention and easy cleaning

360° Cooking

New design of pots for even and steady cooking

Low flow flame

Special burner, saves fuel and cook evenly


Thermo-shell traps heat and keeps surrounding cool

Our Innovative Products

  • This product is ideally suited for large kitchens, industrial canteens, big hostels and community kitchens. It has cooking capacity of 120 lits, and can cook food for over 300 people at a time.
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  • This is a product ideally suited for small or midsized restaurants, hostels, hospitals, take away kitchens and caterers.
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  • EcoCooker closely monitors the cooking progress of the food and stringently supplies fuel only when needed, resultantly saving 70% of the gas. It saves the cost of fuel in following ways.
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