EcoCooker Mega

This product is ideally suited for large kitchens, industrial canteens, big hostels and community kitchens. It has cooking capacity of 120 lits, and can cook food for over 300 people at a time. comes with “Cook & Serve” pots, which can be taken directly from cooker to the serving counter.

  • Saves 70% of LPG

  • Retains aroma & nutrition in the foodg

  • Can cook multiple items at a time

  • Comes with 9 cook & Serve pots

  • Cooks 30Kgs of rice at a time

  • Makes 450 idlys at a time

820mm height x 950mm dia
LPG consumption:
1000gms for 10Kgs of dry rice
450gms for 150idlys