EcoCooker Pro

EcoCooker is best suited for commercial kitchens at Offices, Manufacturing units, Colleges & Hostels, hospitals, caterers and community centers. It has a cooking capacity of 40lits, and can cook food for over 100 people at a time. It comes with “Cook & Serve” pots, which can be taken directly from cooker to the serving counter. The Cooker is small enough to be handled by single person.

  • Saves 70% of LPG

  • Retains aroma & nutrition in the food

  • Can cook multiple items at a time

  • Comes with 3 cook & Serve pots

  • Cooks 10Kgs of rice at a time

  • Makes 150 idlys at a time

820mm height x 590mm dia
LPG consumption:
380gms for 10Kgs of dry rice
160gms for 150idlys