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Yes, the cooker can either be connected to a gas cylinder OR to a gas bank. The cooker accepts the input pressure from 10Kg/cm2 to 0.5Kg/cm2, and converts it to a constant pressure as required by the ecocooker. Our installation team will ensure proper functioning of the device at your end.
EcoCooker works till the gas cylinder gets practically empty. There is hardly any residual gas left in the cylinder.
The burner has two settings, high speed and high efficiency. You can choose the mode depending on the food to be cooked. Once you choose the mode, no further flame adjustment needs to be done. Remember than high speed mode should not be used for more than 20 minutes.
Yes, you can cook smaller quantities as well. Cooking time needs to be appropriately reduced.
Generally, the food that is harder to cook should be placed in the bottom vessel. Food items having significantly different cooking time should not be cooked together. Example, tur dal and steam vegetables should not be cooked together.
The food stays warm & fresh in the EcoCooker for about 6~8Hrs, without opening the lid. The food stays fresh as long as the temperature inside is above 70°C.
User is not required to do any maintenance of the EcoCooker, other than regular cleaning. Please make sure that you do not use scrub for cleaning. Rinsing with soap water is enough. In case of any technical problem, EcoSense team will visit and solve the problem.