How does it save 70% cost?

EcoCooker closely monitors the cooking progress of the food and stringently supplies fuel only when needed, resultantly saving 70% of the gas. It saves the cost of fuel in following ways.

Development: To achieve optimization of fuel, the heat absorption requirement of popular Indian staple foods such as rice and dal were thoroughly studied by ICT (Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai). EcoCooker was developed by Sanjay Group and LRI based on this research, which allowed accurate, mathematical modeling of the fluid dynamics inside the cooking pot so as to generate only the exact amount of energy as and when required.

Stringent supply: The cooker and the elements within, such as burner, cook-pots, and the casing structure were designed to supply an exact amount of heat needed by the food. During the typical cooking progress of rice or dal, there are stages where the heat requirement goes down to zero. At this stage, EcoCooker smartly stops the supply of heat, in turn saving fuel.

Minimum flue gas: In conventional cooking methods a significant amount of energy is wasted away in the form of flue gas (heat released in open air). However, the burner system in EcoCooker has been designed to pass maximum energy to the cooker, which minimizes wastage and achieves cost-saving.

Insulation: The walls of Eco Cooker have been provided double insulation to avoid heat loss.