India consumes energy worth 22 lakh crore every year, of which cooking constitutes a lion’s share of 28% - around 6 lakh crore. In rural areas, non-commercial fuel such as wood is still common, which constitutes 60% of the total cooking energy consumption. Rest of the requirement is fulfilled by commercial fuel such as LPG and kerosene.

Natural stores of LPG are rapidly depleting, which means that we need to consume this precious resource sparingly. However, the current ways of cooking that utilize LPG or kerosene are significantly wasteful:

Open-pot cooking: 85% wastage of energy

Pressure cooking: 62% wastage of energy

In short, when we cook, most of our fuel is burnt in warming up the air.

It is high time that we resort to efficient and scientific ways of cooking that will avoid energy wastage.

EcoSense, with its range of energy saving products

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Our aims at restoring this disturbed balance.