Who should use it?

EcoCooker is best suited for commercial kitchens at Offices, Manufacturing units, Colleges & Hostels, hospitals, caterers and community centers.

Quantity: One Eco Cooker can at a time cook 10 KG of rice/dal or 150 idlees.

Increased profitability + happier customers: A true gift to commercial units, savings offered by EcoCooker result in a 70% lower cost of production, which means increase in profits along with reduction in cost to the customer; in other words increased profitability as well as increased business.

Less attention, low manpower requirement: EcoCooker is a smart appliance that understands cooking process from a scientific view and properly monitors it through all stages. Also, as it does not involve an open flame, a cook can engage in other chores once the EcoCooker is turned on.